The Numbers Are In — B2B Content Marketing Works! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Seems like just yesterday Content Marketing was the latest buzzword marketers threw around to sound savvy. 

Content marketing was initially met with a lot of skepticism. After all, marketing has traditionally been about selling a prospect on why the needed your products. How would providing people with useful, domain-specific information lead to sales unless every piece ended with, “buy my product!”

It turns out that  being a consistent source of useful information leads to loyalty, which leads to sales. It doesn’t happen overnight, but content marketing does lead to conversions.

A recent study shows that B2B marketers are gaining confidence in this new way of doing the business of marketing. In fact, 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and 42% of them even believe they’re pretty good at it. Those who are most successful have some traits in common:

  • They use 7 social media platforms, compared to the 4 used by lead effective marketers
  • They have an overseeing content marketing strategist
  • They have a documented content strategy
  • They spend more of their marketing budget on content marketing (39% vs 16%)
  • They are good at producing compelling content

For more insights from the study, take a look at the info graphic. There’s bound to be something in there you can use to improve your results.