What to Expect from a Professional Marketing Consultant

What are the attributes of a marketing consultant that will result in a successful engagement?  Consider the following:

  • Objectivity - Will they come to the engagement with predisposed ideas or will the be open to investigating whatever is necessary to form the appropriate conclusions and make the right recommendations?
  • Thoroughness - Will they dig in and do the analysis necessary to uncover new opportunities?
  • Intuition - Yours and theirs!  Are they intuitive.  Will they follow threads to see where they lead based on their knowledge of your industry, past experience and evolving trends?
  • Experience - Have they worked with others in your industry, of your size, in your geography?
  • Independent Thinking - Will they be just playing back what you tell them or will they be developing their own framework for analyzing information?
  • Systematic Approach - Do they have the systems and processes in place that they will bring to the engagement?
  • Strategic Thinking - Can they see the big picture relating to your industry and will they be able to provide new ideas that are not on your current radar screen
  • Tools - Are there tools up to date and will they be useful in gathering the information you and they need to arrive at the appropriate conclusions?
  • Attention to Detail - How will they ensure you that all bases are being covered and that the conclusions and recommendations are fact based?
  • Research Methodology - How will they conduct internal and external research to discover opportunities and how will they support their findings?
  • People - Ask to talk with people at several levels of the organization and make an independent of their abilities, experience and commitment to the project.
  • References - Talk to others the consultant has worked with.  Are they active clients?  Would they engage the consultant again?  What were the 3 key recommendations they made and were they implemented?

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