Your Designer PowerPoint Presentation Is Like a Business Card on Steroids

In the days when beepers and business cards were the main connectors between the sales force and future sales, beepers were hit and miss, and business cards were informational without adding much to your presentation resources.

Along came the smartphone and digitized business cards. Smartphones now have the computing capacity many thousands of times in excess of what NASA used to go to the Moon and back, and you can dispatch a personal and company business card at the speed of light via e-mail. You can also launch an online link to your professionally-designed PowerPoint presentation via Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook -- a business card on steroids.

Out with the clunky 

In fact, your business presentation tools -- a PowerPoint deck of professionally engineered slides, for example -- have matured from the clunky carousel projector to a totally portable, scalable and shareable resource.  

The connection between the seller and the customer

Your sales rep might have picked up on the customer’s good, neutral or negative vibes during a PowerPoint sales presentation. However, even the most experienced sales rep is no mind reader, all that smartphone and sales presentation technology notwithstanding. Badly designed presentations cluttered with too much of everything reflect poorly on you and your product and could be a tie-breaker when the customer has a tough choice between you and a competitor.

PowerPoint is still a player

PowerPoint may be the platform that people love to hate, but it remains an important and accessible tool in your marketing tactics. Visuals and content are key and can be the difference between a glassy-eyed, no-sale stare and a successful sale.

Contact us and we’ll show you how to leverage all your great marketing and sales presentation work into a PowerPoint presentation that will you and your customers will actually love.