Should Your Incorporate SEO Into Your Marketing Strategy?


Should you incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy? This is the question businesses are currently asking themselves. But anyone who knows even a little bit about digital marketing will know that the answer is a resounding: "it depends."

What it really depends on is what type of SEO you're talking about. If you're talking about traditional SEO, then the answer is absolutely not. Traditional SEO, as in 2007 SEO, has no place in digital marketing today. Not only is it ineffective, but it will also get you into trouble with Google. 

Here's what a recent Huffington Post article has to say about traditional SEO: 

"Traditional SEO should not even be discussed in any meeting about marketing strategy. It's a myth to think you can and should be manipulating search engines with back links, page keyword stuffing, duplicate content development, etc. Save your money! It's old school and much of these processes are no longer relevant to Google or any other search engine."

Google has sought out and eliminated any SEO tricks that were once effective. Anyone who says they can boost your SEO in minutes is either lying or using dishonest tactics.   

But that doesn't mean that SEO is completely irrelevant. It's just that SEO has changed over time and blended in with content marketing. If you really want to increase your page rank on Google, then you'll have to create quality content and post it to your website and on social media. 

When you sit down and plan your next marketing strategy, take a look at the SEO section. Don't eliminate it completely, but make it sure it doesn't resemble the traditional SEO of old. To optimize your content for search engines, you have to write content that will benefit its readers. 

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